Date: 03 July 2017 - 04 July 2017 / 9 am - 10 pm

Venue: Lucerne, Switzerland

Organisers: Europe Business Assembly (Oxford, UK)

Under support of: the Academic Union Oxford (AU), the International, Club of Leaders (UK), European Medical Association (Belgium)



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International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’ will be a joint effort of Europe Business Assembly (UK), Academic Union Oxford (UK), European Medical Association (Belgium), Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland). The conference will be held in Lucerne on 3 July 2017 and will be concentrated on quality philosophy and top trends, strategies and quality management practices from the leadership and competitiveness perspective. Key participants are CEOs and seniors, business excellence leaders, top experts on quality and strategic management, leading healthcare services’ providers, rectors, chancellors and upper-level executives of Universities and educational institutions.

The main focus of the conference will be on the role models of excellence in 4 sectors: city management, corporate, healthcare / medical travel and education management. Acclaimed Swiss and international professionals will gather together to share and learn from each other for business improvement and positive social transformation.

Europe Business Assembly (EBA) established in 2000 and located in Oxford, UK serves as the multicultural community of corporate leaders and academics from 48 countries, providing global ranking, expert consulting, marketing and publishing, investment promotion services globally.

Why Switzerland?

The Swiss quality standards are globally known and provide a perfect example of reliability, solid business and financial reputation. Leading innovative strategies, pure environment, bespoke political tolerance – Switzerland possess numerous advantages for mind-sharing and international networking accompanied with the unforgettable Swiss experience.

Why Lucerne?

Lucerne is the city – the essence of Switzerland. There’s everything one can wish in the city: awesome natural and urban sceneries, historic attractions to name it the Cultural Capital and Heart of the Central Switzerland.   



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