Potential - Europe Business Assembly (EBA)

People are the main value in business. The formula for the success of EBA's undertakings is that highly experienced managers, scientists and experts are working on our projects and programmes – these include professionals from 14 countries worldwide.

Let us present our team.

Europe Business Assembly 

Expert Council of the Prime Business Destinations

The Academic Union Council

Editorial Board of the Socrates Almanac

  The Socrates Committee and Expert Council of the Open Competitions

Europe Business Assembly

Head Office Tel: +44 (o) 1865 251 122
Fax: +44 (o) 1865 251 113
Email: director@ebaoxford.co.uk

Socrates Nomination Committee

Executive Secretary
Anna Gorobets
Tel: +44 7852160605
Email: agorobets@ebaoxford.co.uk
Email: agorobets@socratesawards.co.uk

The Socrates Almanac Editorial

Tel: +44 1865251122
Email: almanac@ebaoxford.co.uk
Email: s.almanac@ebaoxford.co.uk 

The Academic Union, Oxford

Programme coordinator:
Diana Berezanska
Tel: +44 7597536277
Email: coordinator@ebaoxford.co.uk

Investment Promotion & Marketing Center

Executive Secretary:
Marina Sandulyak
Tel: +44 7513887395
E-mail: pbd@ebaoxford.co.uk

EBA Global

VIP Programme Coordinator
Anastasia Mallwill
Tel: +44 7597707593
E-mail: inter@ebaoxford.co.uk

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